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healthy hair

If you don’t have enough time to wash your hair for your hectic schedule, then a heaven-sent elixir, dry shampoo, can solve your hair problem. In your busy life, dry shampoo can help you to meet all necessary nutrition for your hair.

Healthy hair is perfect hair. Styles are bound to follow. If your hair is healthy enough, then you can do every style you want. If your hair specialist selects impure dry shampoo, then you may suffer unavoidable bad experiences.

Mindset is important to use dry shampoo. If you want breezy curly hair, then you can use dry shampoo.  If you want gorgeous & oil-free hair, then you must follow some DO’s and DON’T rules.

healthy hairDO’s

Spraying too closely is unhealthy for your hair. To avoid uneven distribution and product build-up be sure to spray at least five to six inches from hair root. If you don’t prefer the aerosol versions, you can try the powder form.

A couple of extra minutes can be thorny when you’re in a hurry. It is very necessary to wait several minutes after applying it before styling your hair. This technique will help the product to set. Then you can use a comb or blow-dry as usual.

If you want to smell fresh and have clean hair with an awesome natural shine to boot, consider using a few drops of your favorite essential oil to your hair, few minutes after applying the dry shampoo. Don’t apply oil to hair roots if you want to prevent your hair from looking oily.


Do not use dry shampoo more than twice a week before washing your hair with water.  As it doesn’t clean debris & skin flakes from your hair, you should use water regularly.

If you spray too much, don’t worry. Just brush your hair to help it to absorb into your hair. Never use it on wet hair. While dry shampoo does work on oil, it doesn’t mix well with water and can become raunchy.

Dry shampoo users are increasing day by day as best hairstylists suggest using it. Quality sometimes matters a great deal with products. So, we must check the familiar dry shampoo brand, which one has the reputation. Have a healthy hair and different style! To know how to choose the best shampoo and conditioner you must read the expert’s guide.

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