Hairstyle and Makeup in Summer 2016

hairstyle and makeup in 2016

Some different but fabulous hairstyle and makeup in 2016 for summer will defiantly blow your mind. Some may give you the “Ew” feel! So, forget about blue or cobalt liner or eye shadow or all red lips. Those are nothing but show off color rather than enhance your beauty. We are talking about some real hair style and makeup in 2016 that will sizzle your look and defiantly catches other attention.

Hairstyle and Makeup in 2016

We know fashion changes with the time. But the truth is fashion comes in a cycle with a modified trend. Like, some trend in 80’s still followed in present time, of course with some twist of contemporary needs. That is also hopping on the latest trend. So let’s see some idea of hairstyle and makeup in 2016.

Sandbagging Miracle

This trend is a popular trend to gives a new dimension to your face. Not only that, this is a clever technique to get rid of shiny T-zone and malty lip color in summer. As a matter of fact, make-ups artists are now are now all about sandbagging. The technique is simple, after applying the base makeup, apply a plenty amount of loose powder and blend it a bit and brush the access. Just on underneath the eyes and around the bottom edge of the lips. As a result, this taking of loose powder will absorb the grease off your makeup and leave a matte and smooth finish. You can apply this technique on the finishing your make up.

The Sparkle of Glitters!hairstyle and makeup in 2016

To make a stunning and bold look here come another magic. Certainly, using of glitter may not new but in 2016 makeup trend adopt it in a newer way. Apply some glitters underneath of your eyes. The eye makeups will just enough, no boldness of shadow or eye liner. Thus the glitter is enough to create an angelic look. But don’t afraid to color you lip with some hot/ velvety red, or dark cherry. Moreover, “glitter tears” is another way to have fun with your makeup. Or simply put them on the edge of the eyes, like wings. Jewels, pearls, stone, sequin or shimmer would be doing to make hot look for the evening.

Twist of Twisted Hair

hairstyle and makeup in 2016 Have a twisted style in this summer. Have an all high ponytail and twisted it with two or three layers of your hair. Thus the polished twisted ponytail will give you a stunning modern look. And this looks goes with almost all makeup styles in summer 2016.

Tiara or Headband?

The princesses of modern edge don’t bother with tiara because they find some more stylish hair accessories to enhance their glamor. Headband or some funky hair clips could do better on it. So, put something stylish, different looking headband, hair jewelry or clips with straight, curly or updo hair.

Some Bonus Tips

Here are some tips for hairstyle and makeup style in summer 2016. Like,

  • Matching color lip, eye, and bronze are now on trend which called “sunset”. So you can use bronze, champagne, pink or gold as sunset make up.
  • Play with eyelashes. Use colored, curly, crumble-y lashes to gives a killer dimension of your eyes.
  • Instead of red, pink or orchid try walnut-color on your lips. Variation of the color test will also bring a new test on your looks.
  • Make contouring is definitely very popular this time. But try sometimes non-contouring soft makeup for a soft feel and look.
  • Glossy and juicy lips fashions are not lost forever. Why not try this also for your new look?

There is no limit to play with colors but don’t make your face your playground. Make it’s a canvas and makes you and your look as a masterpiece. So, what are waiting for? Go crazy and shine with the idea of summer hairstyle and makeup of 2016. You can read our buying guide on best shampoo and conditioner.

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1 Comment

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