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Suppose you have a hurry to go out but your hair is wet. What an embracing situation! But simply you can handle such situation with your hair dryer.

Not only that. A good hair dryer can play a vital role in your styling even. You can have the different style of hair with it.

To get all these the most important thing that you have to know is proper using it.

Well. But if you are a new user, then you may face the trouble of using it and this article is for you. In this article, I have brought up a step by step guideline on how to use a hairdryer. So let’s check out.

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Why You Should Use a Hair Dryer

To maintain your style I think there is no alternative to using a hairdryer.

You should use a hair dryer for the following reasons:

  • It let you dry your wet hair within very short time with its hot blow.
  • You can place your hair in original shape with it.
  • Your hair will shine even without using any hair product.
  • Using fewer products will let your hair long last.
  • And finally, thus it will save your money.

Step by Step GuidelineĀ 

  • First of all, to start drying with the hair dryer, your hair has to be damp. Not wet fully, but damp. You can have this by towel drying. Because if your hair is too wet, then there may have a risk of damaging your hair when dryer blows too much heat to your hair.
  • Spray a heat protectant to your hair.
  • Use a brush to have the shape that you prefer as your styling.
  • Besides dry your hair immediately after being brushed.
  • Continue the process until the hair is completely dry.
  • Be careful about the temperature of the hair dryer. To limit damage keep the dryer at its coolest setting.
  • in the end, blow cold air to your hair so that your hair gets smoothness.

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20 Hair Dryer Hacks That You May Try

  1. Unstick a photograph
  2. Unwrinkle plastic tablecloths
  3. Places your hard-to-reach dust with your hairdryer
  4. Dry your toothbrush
  5. Remove label stickers
  6. Clean artificial & real plants
  7. Dry a pair of tights
  8. Heat up candle wax
  9. De-mist the bathroom mirror
  10. Enjoy glossy cake icing
  11. Get rid of crayon marks
  12. Help plaster pain
  13. Stretch new leather shoes
  14. Wet trainers
  15. Heat ice cream
  16. Blow dry your pet
  17. Dry your nail polish
  18. Dust the keyboard
  19. Dry the pepper & salt grinders
  20. De-wrinkle your clothes

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Final Thought

Hopefully, you have now a clear concept of how to use a hairdryer. It is a very important kit for your style and fashion. To ensure your perfect style you should apply proper using methods of your hair dryer and this guideline undoubtedly let you do it.

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