UNA Shampoo and Conditioner Set


We all want to have that gorgeous head of hair. Hairdressers often recommend the Una shampoo and hair conditioner set. The set includes five products. In this review, I will be examining these five products, and enlightening you further on the shampoo and conditioner set.


So what are the Five Products?

Una Compensating Shampoo

The compensating shampoo has a volume of 1000ml. It can solve scalp and hair-related problems afflicting thousands of people. For instance, hair loss. Many people find it difficult to handle the prospect of losing their hair. Even in men, balding can threaten the ego. The compensating shampoo alleviates that problem.

It also cleanses and eliminates metabolic scum on your scalp, and increases the exchange of nutritive elements. To apply the shampoo, dampen your hair with water, then apply evenly to your entire scalp, delicately massaging it. After this, rinse, and repeat the process if you deem it necessary.

Una Daily Hydro Active Conditioner

The daily hydro active conditioner has a volume of 1000ml. The good news is that it will suit all hair types, whether dry, tough, kinky, soft, curly, or straight. It helps users to maintain the natural moisture balance in their hair. Makes your hair more elastic, if it was tough and more resilient. It also increases the body and shine of your hair.

How should one use it?  Begin by dampening your hair with clean water cleansed with Daily Gentle Shampoo. Wait for two minutes without touching your hair. After that, rinse it.

Una Intensive Protein Treatment

The 1000ml Una intensive protein treatment does two things well: strengthening your hair, and repairing it if damaged.  Sometimes hair become chemically damaged, perhaps because of products used in the past. The intensive protein treatment will apply penetrating protein and hydration to the stressed and chemically damaged hair to strengthen and repair it.

What is the method of application? First, clean your hair with water. Do not let it dry. Distribute the treatment evenly through your hair and over your scalp. Cover with a plastic cap, and leave it be for 10 minutes (five minutes if you have a heat source – like a dryer). When you are done, rinse thoroughly.

Una Oxygenating Treatment

Hair loss is a terrifying ordeal to people, especially women, who love their hair.The 90ml oxygenating treatment is a cosmetic treatment preventive measure you take against hair loss.

How do you use it? You apply it to your hair without first drying it after you have dampened it. Do this for four to six consecutive weeks at a rate of thrice each week.

Vitamin Leave-in Treatment

The 250ml vitamin leave-in treatment is a supplement you use on fragile hair, damaged hair, or dehydrated hair. It uses organic vitamins to smooth and repair porous areas. It is light weight and requires no rinse formula.

How to use: spray it on clean, damp hair, after which you will comb and style it as you normally do. You can use the supplement every day, even on dry hair.

Final Word

Hair is precious. It is one of the things people immediately see when they look at us. It is also one of the primary determinants of a person’s beauty. That is exactly why we should take good care of our hair, cleaning it daily, and doing what is necessary to cure it when it is not in the best health.

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