Wash Your hair and make it Silky Straight at Home!

Who does not want to be beautiful? Hair is a very important part of our body and enhances our beauty in many times. Even if we have beautiful outfit and skin, without beautiful hair our beauty won’t be fulfilled. So to maintain a regular hair care routine is necessary for all of us.

Cleanliness is the first step to getting good hair and to clean hair the first thing comes in our mind is Shampoo!! Who does not love to use Shampoo? It is a very popular hair care product of all ages used with or without conditioner for cleaning and maintaining the quality of hair.

Various types of shampoo are available in the market such as


2. Anti-Bacterial,


4.Color Stay,

5.Baby shampoo and so on,

which are used for various purposes depending on the types of hair- Oily hair, Dry and Damaged hair, Natural hair, Colored hair etc. It is also one of the main items used for a manicure, pedicure, and many other personal cares.

silky straight hairIt has become a very popular trend among males and females of all stages to get straight hair temporarily or permanently (is often known as “Rebonding”) using Chemical or Non-Chemical techniques such as Chemical Relaxers, Hair Gels, Hair Iron, Hot Comb etc. But these techniques can cause long-lasting and even permanent damage to hair. Recognizing the latest trend of

Recognizing the latest trend of hairstyle, many manufacturers have brought Hair Straightening Shampoos and conditioners for beauty conscious people to get long, silky and straight hair, which gives a smooth, sleek and streamlined appearance in a safer way.

Now it is possible to get smooth, intense and ultimate straight hair at home just after a shower with these shampoos that leave hair in a straight, shiny and perfect way!!These products give you the experience to get straightened hair frequently and relax your hair from root to tip and sometimes they also protect your hair from heat effect and help to boost the quality of your hair.

Generally in a shampoo Ammonium Chloride (used as thickening agent), Propylene Glycol (for smoothing and anti-frizz effects), Lauryl Sulfate salts (helps to make later), Sodium lauroamphoacetate (used as a cleanser and counter-irritant), Polysorbate 20 (helps to penetrate into hair), Polysorbate 80 (used as emulsifier), PEG-150 (thickener), Citric acid (used as an antioxidant helps to adjust the pH to 5.5), Polyquaternium-10 (gives conditioning effect and fullness to hair), Water, Perfume or Fragrance, mild Colors etc. are used.Along with these, Hair Straightening Shampoos also contain hair-straightening agents like- Alkali Metal Hydroxide consisting of Potassium Hydroxide, Sodium Hydroxide, and Lithium Hydroxide etc. for providing straightened appearance to hair. Hair keratin, cysteine hydrochloride etc. are also used as the auxiliary hair-straightening agents.

Shampoos, which are usually at pH 5.5, leave the scales on a hair follicle lie flat, making the hair feel smooth and look shiny and straight. Some companies have also introduced their products with silk proteins that provide shining and glowing effects to normal and dull hair.

But remember nothing excess is good for you. Like other cosmetics shampoo also contains chemical ingredients that‘s why too much shampooing may harm your hair and your scalp. So try not to use this every day unless your hair is too dirty. But when necessary if you do not wash your hair, it will gradually damage your hair, hair fall will increase and you will look dull even after being well dressed and wearing makeup. Applying shampoo two to three days per week is enough. Having a shower with shampoo refreshes our mind too! Take care of yourself, live beautifully. For more details read our expert buying on best shampoo and conditioner.

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